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Workplace Flexibility: The Problem with Working From Home

Workplace Flexibility: The Problem with Working From Home

What Bosses Really Think About Returning to the Office

“I get out of work at 9:30, but I always come back at 5 for a shower,” says the boss of a tech firm that has hundreds of people. “My office is a two-bedroom, and I don’t use anything but computers there, so I always come in and shower first. I usually only leave for a meal or a family event. I like the idea of my office being a sanctuary for my team.”

She’s not alone. A recently conducted survey by The Workplace, a company that helps employers find the best workplaces for their employees, included the following comments: “When we are away from work during the day, we don’t want to leave the building. We feel safe there.” One boss said, “I love my work environment because you never have to worry about anything.” Another said, “I enjoy working from home because it’s the best way to be productive.”

These are common sentiments among working adults. However, their bosses may not admit to these thoughts, but they’ve thought the same. “My company’s offices are too isolated, and that creates a weird atmosphere,” says a CEO at a company that has about 5,000 employees. “My office is too big, but it hasn’t been in a while, so I just need a smaller space to be more productive.”

It seems that we all subconsciously respond to work. And if we have the choice, we’d rather have the autonomy and flexibility to work when we’re done and go home. However, workplace flexibility can lead to problems that are not always easy to solve. You might feel like you’ll never get “back” to the office, but you’ll be surprised to

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