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Why Do Bosses Don’t Return to the Office?

Why Do Bosses Don’t Return to the Office?

What Bosses Really Think About Returning to the Office

“If the boss agrees, I’ll do it [return to the office],” they often say. “That’s how it works for me.”

But do bosses really return to the office? In a recent survey, Gallup found that 77 percent of workers think their bosses don’t return to the office. And nearly half — 48 percent — say they would feel even worse if their bosses decided to go back because they didn’t feel like they were contributing to getting things done.

The survey sheds light on an increasingly widespread phenomenon, which raises the need for employers to pay attention when their employees say they’d rather stay at home rather than return to the office. This type of employee turnover is important for employers that have high employee turnover rates.

The Gallup data show that bosses have strong opinions about what employees want and need from their jobs, and the data also show that many of these employees have other personal lives outside the office that are equally important to their work lives.

The top reason for not returning to the office is feeling the need to take care of family/personal lives, with 41 percent of respondents saying they didn’t have sufficient time to return to the office.

The second is feeling they would get in trouble if they returned to the office. But many employees who don’t return to the office may be doing the right thing — looking out for themselves as much as their bosses. For example, Gallup found that nearly half of respondents reported that they wanted to be treated in a similar way by their bosses if they’re gone.

The third reason is the lack of appreciation from their bosses for their efforts, and this was the most common reason cited by both men and women.

“People get fired all the time. I’m not going to put up with a company if they don’t reward me for my work. If they offer me an extra day or day off, I’m going to take it,” said one employee.

Another respondent said, �

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