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Where to Find the Netflix Beta Test in Australia

Where to Find the Netflix Beta Test in Australia

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It would be a strange thing if, during Netflix’s upcoming second beta test, only a few people tried out the service. Well, the Netflix user base is far more diverse than that. In fact, according to the tech giant’s own estimates, as many as four dozen languages are spoken in the U.S. alone, as well as more than 80 dialects across 10 different countries.

To get a sense of the diversity of potential subscribers, it should make sense to look at the roster of original shows and movies that Netflix has signed up for. While Netflix only plans to show original series and movies for the time being, it does plan to expand the range of original programming.

According to Netflix, the upcoming beta test will include an additional 13 cities around the world, giving you the chance to try out the service at a few of these new locations.

Below is a list of all the cities and where you can find the beta test. Keep in mind that not every city is participating in this beta test. The list is not 100% complete, nor is it complete for the entire time period we have allotted for the beta.

A look at where to find the Netflix beta test in Australia



City: Brisbane

Region/Country: Australia

Beta test date: March 29

Where you can find Netflix: On the Internet

Brisbane is the first Australian city to sign up for the Netflix beta test. While Netflix has not stated a release date for the beta test, local industry insiders suspect that it will begin sometime before the end of March.

The city joins a list of other Australian cities that are participating in the beta test, including Hobart, Sydney, Perth, and Cairns. In fact, there is a possibility that, with the inclusion of six other cities for the beta test, Australia may be the largest country on the planet where you can find the Netflix beta test.



City: Perth

Region/Country: Australia

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