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Trump’s Twitter suspension ends, but he’ll tell you what

Trump’s Twitter suspension ends, but he’ll tell you what

Musk reinstates Trump’s Twitter account — CNN (@CNN) August 6, 2016



Trump had previously claimed that he’d be “fine” without Twitter, but was asked by Sean Hannity on Fox News whether he’d be able to maintain his access to the platform after the election.

“I will tell you what, I want it back,” Trump said, but added, “When I start tweeting it out, it’s going to be tough. I’ll tell you that.”

Trump has used Twitter intermittently to promote his candidacy and keep his followers up to speed during an election campaign that’s drawn increasing attention and criticism.

Trump’s tweet on Friday came mere hours after Twitter announced that it was ending its suspension of the president’s Twitter account.

Twitter said it had restored his account after he tweeted an announcement from his doctor clearing him in advance of a debate that was scheduled to come next week.

In the morning, Trump’s tweet read: “I am out of the race, but please feel free to support me at my new Phoenix residence.”

Trump has repeatedly declined to say whether he intends to run for the White House in 2020, and his campaign and political allies have been outspoken in their efforts to convince him to change his mind for the better.

Trump’s campaign announced this week that it was holding off on announcing his re-entry into politics until he was “satisfied with the legal analysis” of his Twitter suspension.

“The decision was made by Twitter, their lawyers and me, and we thought it was the best decision for the country at this time,” the campaign said.

Last week, the Trump campaign announced a plan to spend around $50 million of Trump’s own money to boost turnout among those undecided voters in key early states.

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