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The USMNT’s rookie is a bad guy

The USMNT’s rookie is a bad guy

Hope Solo to object to U.S. Soccer equal pay deal

When it comes to sports, the best teams win and the players they draft play for their country. Those who play for their teams usually get paid. U.S. Soccer is paying a player as much as $150,000 a year when he plays for his country. And that guy? He is a rookie in the prime of his career.

So what’s a rookie doing with one of the best contracts in the world?

Kellyn Acosta, of the USMNT’s 2014 World Cup squad, is looking for answers. He said he’s not satisfied. His agent, who represents roughly 800 players, said he’s disappointed and frustrated. And he said Acosta isn’t alone.

Solo is not a bad guy in many ways, but he is a bit immature. And he is a man who has had his fair share of bad plays in his time. On Tuesday he made a terrible decision. And that decision led to the USMNT’s worst match ever.

In one brief moment Solo became a world away from the player he was in the 2012 Olympics, one of the best at his position in the world.

He didn’t look like the player who had scored 30 goals in 30 matches. He looked like a player who had only played one game with the U.S. Under-20s, a game that he missed because of injury.

He gave up a goal in the first half. He turned his back on the team at half time. And he got lost in the action. He didn’t communicate well with the other players. And the team lost 6-0.

The USMNT won 3-1. The goal that was scored after Solo’s bad play was the only goal the team scored in the match. The USMNT ended up losing 6-0 and Solo scored a goal that cost the USMNT the game. Solo was also sent off in the match.

I am not even sure what to say to that. I’m not asking for Solo to be made a scapegoat. I’m not asking for Solo to be fined. I know the USMNT is a

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