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The New York Times’ Anniversary Celebration Was a Little Too Much

The New York Times’ Anniversary Celebration Was a Little Too Much

The Times Wants to Hear Your ‘Tiny Gratitude Stories’ About Those Who Give to the Foundation

by James Dittamore

On December 13, The New York Times decided to hold an anniversary celebration. Among the big names attending were the heads of the Times, its top executives, and some notables who worked for the Times for years. The topic was “Tiny Gratitude Stories.” (You can read the entire story here, and hear the remarks of Mr. Dittamore and his Times co-chairman, Nicholas McDermott, below.)

You can see how it could have gone, with The Times’ executive chairwoman, Graydon Carter, reading a list of everyone who gives a little to the foundation every year to date. In the end, it looks like the Times chose to focus on the smallest of the Tiny Gratitude Stories.

(The Times wrote up the list, so I’m not going to reproduce it here; if you would like to share your stories, please leave them at the link above. The Times is interested in hearing, and you may be featured in their next edition of “Tiny Gratitude Stories.”)

In addition, the Times has published a list of its readers who gave the most and the least, on and before December 12, 2010. I will provide additional information in my next post about my very first contribution to the foundation, which has been referred to by many people as the best gift they’ve ever received. And, hopefully, it will be among those featured in the Times’ Tiny Gratitude Stories.

My name appears nowhere in the NYT’s list of readers. It could have been included in their list of people who give. Perhaps that is because they had no idea who I was and had never given to the foundation before.

But, I’m happy and relieved, and I feel the exact same way about those who gave more and less than they should to The Times, and, in turn, in recognition of this kindness, to the organization

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