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The Freedom of the Press

The Freedom of the Press

Letters to the Editor: Thanksgiving has a brutal history. Can we still celebrate it?

Nov. 20, 2005

As Americans, we are blessed with the gift of a free press to inform the public as to what is happening in our country, and to hold the public accountable for its actions.

But the truth is, the press is largely an instrument to the powerful elite.

It serves as a tool for the mainstream media and the news divisions to keep the masses distracted, uneducated as to who is behind the news, and how this elite is pulling the strings of the country.

How can we celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving if we know that our leaders are putting profits ahead of our common interests?

I’m glad to see The Tribune News Service’s report of Thanksgiving in the paper today. It confirms that there is a growing resentment against our “leaders” and the news organizations that serve the elite.

I hope that if and when they are voted out of power, they are replaced by another group that shares the same interests as a free press.

Thanksgiving reminds us of our common humanity. It reminds us of the time when we came together and celebrated the bounty of life in a way that we did not do during the so-called Second World War.

I hope that everyone will consider the holidays this week differently.

Kendall H. Clark

East St. Louis

When will Congress let us into the “barn”?

The House and Senate are currently deliberating legislation that will require all Americans to purchase or “opt-in” to having their information, communications and technology (ICT) companies storing and selling their “personal data” and communications to third parties.

The debate over the issue is now over two years old, and the legislation would establish a framework for implementing the “Data Privacy and Security Act of 2006.”

The bill is called “The Patriot Act for the 21st Century” and would authorize the National Security Agency to collect metadata about all Americans

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