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The Forest Service is giving residents back some land to recover property

The Forest Service is giving residents back some land to recover property

Heat wave reaches ‘the tail end’ in Southern California

In an effort to fight the fires that tore through Southern California last month, officials have been giving the order to evacuate several communities. But in one of the many communities that is now at the “tail end” of the fire, and in what would end up being one of the last ones to be evacuated, the wildfire hasn’t completely consumed the land.

Officials have also had to tell residents that they can’t return to their property to recover property. The decision came after the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday that the U.S. Forest Service was going to give residents back some land. That part of the order was met with controversy, as the Times reported, by some residents who were worried that the Forest Service was returning land they had already reclaimed.

The orders were originally intended for all people in the area where the fire was burning. But as the situation worsened, some residents realized they didn’t need to return to their homes. And then there were just too many people in the neighborhood to evacuate it entirely, according to the Times.

The order for the evacuation of the community of Cedar Beach was lifted in March, according to the Times. There have been numerous reports of residents being ordered to leave and being allowed back into their communities.

On Monday, people still struggled to get back into the area where the fire was burning. That’s according to the city of Los Angeles’ Community Emergency Response Team, which was put on the ground to help with the response to the fire.

“So many people have been left in the dark over what to do next while the fires burned in their neighborhoods across the LA basin,” CERT Executive Director Jim Gantner said in a news release. “These people deserve answers. We need to make sure they get back into their homes and communities. I can be blunt: They don’t need to be left behind.”

Some residents who were allowed back into

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