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The Courier’s Caruso is a Control Freak

The Courier's Caruso is a Control Freak

Letters to the Editor: The Times is in the tank for Rick Caruso — no, Karen Basset, I mean.

Caruso is a hero in our view, one of the most brilliant men who ever lived, a man who saved our city (and the county) when he returned to office in the summer of 1983, and who stayed there for the rest of his life. In the years since, the city has had two other men who ran for mayor who were just as admirable: Tom Ellis and Phil White.

It’s not just about Caruso. It’s about having a good mayor.

It doesn’t help, therefore, when The Courier uses Caruso to push for another story.

This time, the subject is Caruso’s wife, who is a real-estate agent.

Caruso has been accused of being a bad husband.

The story is that Caruso’s wife has a large shareholding in a real-estate company that Caruso manages. That’s all.

So, for the story on Caruso’s wife, The Times published a story that simply said she owns a half a percent of a company Caruso manages, and quotes Caruso complaining that she’s a “control freak.”

In fact, she is a control freak. She has no desire to work in real-estate, for which she doesn’t have a gift. She is a control freak who wants to control the people who work for her.

She will control Caruso to the extent that she can, but we don’t need Caruso to tell us that. It’s written all over his face.

And what is worse, it is now in print in The Times.

Here’s what she told us, back on Sept. 3, when the Caruso story broke.

“I think I’m a good influence. I was a control freak as a kid. I think I’ve mellowed. I’m definitely more of a thinker.

“Everything I do, I do to make sure it’s the best,” she said.

I guess by that she has mellowed.

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