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“The Bachelor” Comes to a Close

"The Bachelor" Comes to a Close

They came up with plans to prevent suicide and tackle climate change. Then on Day 4 of the reality TV challenge came a final twist, one that many viewers found out about after the fact.

Amber Heard (who starred on NBC’s reality TV show “The Bachelor” and played one of the hosts of “The Bachelorette” before her reality TV career took a turn) had been eliminated from the competition. On screen, her boyfriend Brad Womack then proposed with a ring.

“They’ve done a great job with the show and everyone has had a wonderful time. They just wanted to have a great finale,” she said after the cameras stopped rolling. “That’s all that matters to me.”

The show’s producers then made the controversial decision to bring “The Bachelor’s” next season “full circle” to show viewers who wins a million dollars on the show that has gone from one reality TV star to another, through a series of challenges. The final three will pick one of them to be each other’s “man of the year.”

“It’s not really the final three, the final five,” one host of “Dancing with the Stars” told CNN. “The three are going to be the men of the year. The other two are just going to get to dance with each other.”

CNN’s Kelli Arena contributed to this report.

(CNN) — It was difficult to say goodbye to reality TV: “The Bachelor” had come to end with a bang.

But after a series of twists and a shocking final twist, the show was brought to a close with a very different reality.

“I would say there has been some drama, but nothing more than this season,” one of the show’s hosts, Jonny Depp, said to CNN’s Anderson Cooper on “Anderson Cooper 360°.”

“This season, I thought we were kind of heading in the same direction, I was just disappointed in some things we didn’t see in the finale that was going to surprise us on the way to the finale. I think it probably won’t surprise you if you watch it. It felt like we were getting closer to the end of the journey, and then we came to the end and did the opposite,” said Depp, who competed on “The Bachelor” and has also starred in the recent “Mission: Impossible” film and “Iron Man.”

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