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The “Africa First” man who bought his dream house in Nigeria

The "Africa First" man who bought his dream house in Nigeria

Africa must cut reliance on food imports, says Nigerian billionaire

Agnew has a personal stake in his vision, having spent most of his life in his native Nigeria. He said he decided to buy the property from his friend on the advice of an investment advisor. Mr Agnew is an outspoken advocate of self driven growth in Africa, and has become synonymous with the term “Africa First”. He said he had put in a lot of time and money into finding ways to make his property more environmentally friendly.

“This house was built with a traditional African house, and there hasn’t been an air-conditioner.”

The house will be renovated, with the aim of using the property as a green training centre for young people in Africa to work toward a greener future.

“The first floor and the first basement will be used as the training centre and it will also host a house for volunteers. They’d like to have a house and they’d like to have a big classroom. There will also be an office, and they’ll have an open-space for training in that area,” Agnew said.

“Second floor, middle floor and third floor will be used as office space,” he said.

He said he had spent seven years in his search for his dream house; he finally came across a property which he was “blown away by”.

“It’s not like you’re going to get a new house from Nigeria. They need to be able to use this one,” Agnew said.

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