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The ACLU is a good place to start

The ACLU is a good place to start

Letters to the Editor: Karen Bass is right, abortion is a local issue

In my last letter to the editor, I wrote about a study that showed the number of abortions in the region is highest in the western part of the state. Now this has been confirmed by an article in The Arizona Republic.

I have worked as a pro-life activist in Phoenix for a number of years, and I can tell you that the abortion numbers don’t lie. We could care less what the numbers are. It doesn’t concern us if they show the largest number of abortions in Maricopa, Flagstaff or Gilbert. It doesn’t matter to me. We take abortion number one at a time, one at a time.

I’ve heard of people using abortion number one to get people to stop speaking up in the abortion debate and I agree with them. But for some reason, I am still surprised at the number of people who just don’t give a damn.

No one likes to have their personal opinion about an issue put on display for the whole world — but this is an issue that should be discussed openly.

And if you ever need any help with that discussion — please, please call the local chapter of the ACLU. They are right there in Tucson and we can’t do this without them.

I just got this email from my husband’s boss – a lawyer in Tempe — concerning his concern for the potential of being on probation for the rest of his life and the fact that, if there is an arrest for his crime of being an abuser to women, he might not be taken into custody.

He also works for the state of Arizona Department of Corrections and there are some pretty strict conditions as to what he can and cannot do as a corrections employee:

– He can’t have sex with his wife, or with anyone he has sex with while they work together.

– He can’t abuse any inmates on his staff.

– He doesn’t have access to weapons.

– He has to submit to weekly sexual abuse and safety training courses.

– He has to write a letter of apology to his victims.

I know my son, but

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