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Serena Williams has spoken out against racism in tennis

Serena Williams has spoken out against racism in tennis

US tennis star feels some people don’t want Black players to succeed on tennis court

Tennis player Serena Williams has had the tough task of representing her own community.

Her mother is from the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia, where she was raised. Her father, from Barbados, is a world class tennis player.

Williams has made it her mission to lift up those who have been overlooked or under appreciated.

However, she has spoken out against racial prejudice, with a specific focus on what some see as a Black bias in tennis.

The US star told The Sunday Times: “I have struggled with a lot of things as I’ve gotten older and I’ve had to push myself to be better.

“I’ve been called different names but I’m learning to be comfortable in who I am.

“Some of it is because I’ve had to struggle with some of the racist things that have been said but I’ve learned to not be offended when that happens because I know it’s coming from ignorance.

“I will not sit down and shut up about issues that are not important. I am going to continue to have my voice.

“I’m not one to back off from someone else’s opinions but I’m not going to back down when they don’t agree with me.

“I’m not going to try to change someone else, I’m not going to try to convince them I’m right. I’m going to keep my opinion and voice and just do what I have to do to live my life.”

Williams revealed her daughter, Princess, had been brought up to believe “they should be who they are.”

She added: “I do not think you should be who you are in life. If you can’t do that, then you should probably find another career.”

Serena, who is now married to former tennis star Arthur Ashe, also believes that tennis should not be a matter of race.

She said: “I believe tennis should be judged by the sport, not the people who play it.

“The sport has become a lot more diverse because it’s becoming a part of pop culture and it’s growing.

“I think the game should be judged on its own merits and not it its roots.

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