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Prop. 1 — The First State to Legalize Marijuana

Prop. 1 — The First State to Legalize Marijuana

Propositions 28 and 31 are the easiest ‘yes’ votes on the California ballot. They both benefit kids and the environment.

On Nov. 6, California voted to legalize marijuana for those 21 and older. Prop. 1 would make California the first state in the nation to allow people to grow marijuana for personal use. (If you aren’t aware, California is the second-largest economy in the nation.)

In order to get this far in California, Prop. 1 needed the support of two propositions: Prop. 28 (which would legalize medical marijuana) and Prop. 31 (which would regulate marijuana commerce on a system of licensed, regulated stores).

Prop. 28 came out as no one really expected. Prop. 1 drew 44 percent of the vote (yes to 30 percent), while Prop. 28 garnered 51 percent. That’s a “no” vote in favor of Prop. 1. While it would not have changed the outcome, voters were not ready to vote on Prop. 28. Prop. 28 was approved by 73 percent, with a majority of voters not knowing enough about the issue to make an informed decision.

When polled, the only groups that favored medical marijuana included those who were married, had children, and had experience with marijuana use. The only groups that favored recreational marijuana were those who were married and did not have children. However, those two groups were very close: 72 percent of unmarried, childless people and 73 percent of married people with children supported Prop. 1.

On the other side of the issue, Prop. 28 garnered the support of those who felt recreational marijuana should be available for adults 21-40.

In summary, Prop. 1 passed in a landslide, with 57 percent of the vote. Voters clearly understood that marijuana should not be available for teenagers.

On the other side, Prop. 28 failed with the biggest margin in state history. It garnered 36 percent of the vote. This was the only proposition that received no affirmative vote at all. There were voters who supported the idea of recreational marijuana use, but felt that Prop. 14 (which would have allowed more limited use in private homes) should be overturned. Prop.

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