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Peng Shuai’s WTA suspension follows investigation into corruption allegations

Peng Shuai's WTA suspension follows investigation into corruption allegations

WTA Tour set to return to China in 2023 following suspension over Peng Shuai situation

The WTA has been suspended for two years with effect from the 2014 season over the corruption allegations surrounding the former Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai.

The Chinese Tennis Federation, or CTF, said in statement late last night that tennis would not return to China before 2024.

The suspension follows the conclusion of an investigation that found that Peng had engaged in “inappropriate activity” following her return to China at the end of last year, with the CTF now suggesting she was a “person of interest”.

It is understood that Peng was due to play three tournaments in China in December, and will have the option of taking a break after the conclusion of the tournament.

Last week, the CTF said it had suspended Peng for two years but that she would play her first tournament in New York next month to “resolve her personal and professional issues”.

The official in charge of sport in China from 2010-15 said this after the announcement of the Chinese Grand Prix being postponed after the end of the current season.

The cancellation has been seen as a “last-ditch attempt” by the CTF to save the tournament, which has attracted record crowds and has been a financial success thanks to the support of the Chinese government.

It is not clear what the official’s plans are for the rest of 2014. The tournament was due to begin on March 14th but the CTF has now said it will be held in 2016.

While it has announced a new schedule of events at 20 courts in Beijing from last year, it has not ruled out the possibility of changing its schedule in the future, although the official said that would not happen now.

Despite the CTF’s decision to suspend all sports in place in Beijing – including swimming, beach volleyball, badminton, table tennis, tennis and volleyball – the rest of the country will still be able to attend events, including the Grand Prix and the World Games in Nanjing.

In light of the CTF’s decision and the decision

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