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Netflix’s stars take to the red carpet to discuss their work

Netflix's stars take to the red carpet to discuss their work

Taking its shows to the real world, Netflix invites you to the ‘Bridgerton’ ball – a chance to witness the evolution of the show.

At this year’s Emmy Awards, Netflix hosted a special event with the stars of their shows as part of the streaming service’s celebration of the 2016 Emmys, titled the Emmys at Sundance.

The event – a series of four episodes, which included four episodes of each of their films, plus a host of other interviews – was attended by hundreds of journalists. The actors took to the red carpet on Tuesday morning in New York, then took to the stage to discuss their work for Netflix.

The four main stars of the event all took some to the red carpet ahead of time in order to chat about their work on their Netflix shows, as well as the awards that they’re up for.

The star-studded event was called ‘Bridgerton’ by Netflix, because it was held at the Bridgerton Hotel in Los Angeles, where The OA writer, star and executive producer Jonathan Tropper used to live. While Bridgerton is not a real place, Tropper was the only person to live there, because it was part of his estate. (It was later sold to the real Bridgerton family for $5m in 2016.)

As someone who lives in Los Angeles, Tropper’s event was set up with some celebrity guests as well as journalists, and they all seemed to have a great time.

Ahead of the red carpet event, here are the stars’ reactions to the red carpet event, along with a few thoughts about making TV.

Emilia Clarke

Ahead of her red carpet appearance, Emilia Clarke was asked by a reporter if she still had the same fear of flying that she did as a child. She said: “Yeah, but now I’m not terrified. You know, I’ve learnt to fear the unknown. Now I’m more terrified of flying with the unknown.

“Every time I go to an airport now, I realise that now I’ve got a lot more

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