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Natasha Henstridge: The #MeToo Movement

Natasha Henstridge: The #MeToo Movement

Natasha Henstridge: Why I made my #MeToo stand

Natasha Henstridge has had a successful career in music.

On April 2 she shared her thoughts on the #MeToo movement with the nation.

Last month we learnt that Natasha Henstridge made allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

Since then, she has become an outspoken supporter of the #MeToo movement as she had the chance to speak about the allegations she has made against sexual predators she has worked with over the years.

In an interview with The Guardian, she spoke about the #MeToo movement’s effect on her, and talked about the decision to speak out about her career.

Natasha Henstridge spoke to the Guardian last month about the #MeToo movement and the way it has affected her life.

How has the #MeToo movement affected your life?

Everywhere I have worked, there are a lot of women that have come forward and spoken about inappropriate behaviour by their employers and colleagues.

I have had my own experiences, and it has really reinforced the way I need to look in my workplace and in society at large.

The number of people who have come forward and spoken about inappropriate behaviour is really, really, really good.

It’s been really good for me. To feel able to speak out in this way has really been good for me because, from my point of view, it lets me know that I can speak out and feel totally open about it and not be afraid of it.

The support I received has been awesome. When I was speaking out about Weinstein and when I was speaking out about the sexual harassment that I had faced, there were a lot of women who sent me messages and said: ‘I can relate to what you’re speaking out about’.

These were women who had experienced something similar to what I had experienced. So I felt really confident that I would be able to speak it out and have the support of others around the world.

What do you think has been the biggest misconception about the #MeToo movement?

My biggest misconception was that it was just a bunch of women that I had worked with.

However, it has been an avalanche of women all of whom have been able to come forward and speak about what happened to them. And what has come from it is that those women who have come forward have been speaking

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