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Miami Beach Hotel torn down

Miami Beach Hotel torn down

Miami Beach Hotel That Hosted the Beatles Is Demolished

The Beatles once turned up in Miami Beach during the 1960s, where they were the toast of America’s second-largest city. Now, their Miami Beach Hotel is slated for demolition and the site where the Fab Four once stayed is being converted into condominiums, but it turns out they might have stayed a little longer.

“The Beatles used to stay at the Miami Beach Hotel on North Bay Street because they were so in love with it,” said Scott Miller, author of the book “The Fab Four: Inside the Real Life of the Music World’s Greatest Band,” which was published earlier this month. “And then they did a photo session there, and it was so good, they asked for to be posted.”

According to the Miami Beach News, hotel officials confirmed the news first in October, and since then, construction crews have been tearing up the hotel. But, they said, there will be no demolition until after the Nov. 30 city election. In the meantime, the hotel will remain shuttered.

“It’s sad, but the city and our elected officials must do what is right for the people,” said Bill Stellbrink, executive director of the city’s Hotel and Restaurant Licensing Division, to the Miami Beach News.

Stellbrink went a step further, calling the hotel “vital” to the city’s tourism industry.

“It’s a critical piece of tourism infrastructure,” Stellbrink said. “It’s the heartbeat of the city — the heartbeat of downtown, the heartbeat of the peninsula.

“So I respect it and I wish it the best of luck,” he said.

Not everyone is excited by the demolition of the hotel, though. They believe that it’s only fitting that the hotel should be torn down because it was where the Fab Four were once guests.

“To have a building like this, where so many world-famous people came in and had their photo taken, and it’s now an eyesore,

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