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Lula da Silva — President of Brazil

Lula da Silva — President of Brazil

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Fast Facts

President of Brazil Lula da Silva was born on August 29, 1946, in São Paio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was the second child of João Lula da Silva, a journalist, and his wife, ElcíAround the second half of 1976, Lula da Silva went to his grandmother’s house to take care of her cat. While there he heard his mother talking and asking her about her health. She replied that she had been ill for a long time and she still wasn’t recovered. She died a few months later.

In August 1976, Lula da Silva was eight years old and going through the last stages of his childhood, when he had many difficulties making friends. He became very sensitive and had problems concentrating.

In January 1980, Lula da Silva went to the School of Social Work in University of Rio de Janeiro where he earned a Law Degree. After his Law Degree, he worked as a Lawyer in his hometown of São Paio, Rio de Janeiro.

When he was 29, Lula da Silva married Zilda Arantes, with whom he had two children: Celibatea (a.k.a. Celina) and Luiza Inacio (a.k.a. Luciana).

At that time, Lula da Silva began studying Political Science at the National School of Political and Social Sciences (ENSP) in Rio de Janeiro. That same year, he organized a student movement named the “Red Brigade” from its inception. The group was a group of university students affiliated with the Socialist Party of Brazil.

In 1981, Lula da Silva took up his Masters degree in Political Science from the National School of Political and Social Sciences.

In 1983, Lula da Silva began working as an Assistant at the Ministry of Justice.

In 1984, Lula da Silva left the Ministry of Justice and joined Geração da Construção Comercial do Estado (GECA). The company was

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