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Kari Lake, Democrat, Runs for State Senate

Kari Lake, Democrat, Runs for State Senate

Kari Lake’s Path to Victory Narrows in the Arizona Governor’s Race

Kari Lake was only running to be a state senator but has ended up as an Arizona politician, perhaps more so than any other candidate in the race.

While all three candidates are running for governor, it’s her path to a victory that has raised several questions about her ability to win.

State Sen. Kari Lake, Democrat: “I’ve spent the last 20 years building a business. We provide financial services and insurance to about 1,500 people and that was in a $50 million facility. We don’t have a lot of resources. We don’t have a lot of capital. We have no staff. We have no money, and yet we help people and make it a priority,” said Lake.

Lake, who has been endorsed by the Arizona Association of Business and Industry, which represents a wide range of corporate entities and industries, is running on a platform of economic inclusion and ensuring residents have access to financial services.

The Lake campaign is hoping that Lake can help revive the state’s sinking economy, and in particular the financial services industry, which has been suffering in recent years. In the past, Lake has cited her role on the State Personnel Board, as well as the time she served as a chief of staff to former Arizona governor Janet Napolitano.

Lake, who has been a state senator since 1997 from Fountain Hills, has also faced criticism and questions about her campaign’s fundraising, which she had raised $3.1 million as of March, according to the Associated Press.

According to a recent Arizona Republic report, Lake raised $2.1 million between Jan. 1 and March 31. But by some counts, she had raised as much as $6.4 million in the final two months of the year. Lake’s opponent, former Phoenix Mayor and state schools superintendent Janet Napolitano, has been fundraising, and has raised

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