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How to Start a Restaurant Career as a Part-Time Job

How to Start a Restaurant Career as a Part-Time Job

Choosing between food and fuel leaves more Americans out in the cold

How to choose from the options available by tapping into your inner chef

What’s the first thing you do when you open a restaurant? For many chefs, it’s probably something as simple as turning on the oven to heat the food they’ve prepared.

But for the many food lovers hoping to dine out tonight it’s often a big step-up to open up the refrigerator.

When I asked a local chef how he made his first big decision on a menu, he told me he’d been shopping at the grocery store when he came across a special “buy-one-get-one-free” offer and went in to purchase a box of assorted nuts.

“I opened the frig and bought $100 worth of nuts,” he said. “I spent more than I made, but I knew that the nuts would become a part of the meal.”

One of the benefits of starting your restaurant career as a part-time job is you get to use your culinary skills to your advantage while still earning enough to support a family.

And that’s the case for the owner of an Austin food truck called El Choco Burrito (they’re not very good) as he balances his business and his family.

He’s never been to restaurants, he explained, but when he began cooking at home he was attracted to the idea of making meals based on his ingredients.

“For me, food is a big part of life,” he said. “I wanted to know what the food he was eating made of and how he was eating it.”

One of the ways he found he could do that was through cooking, particularly at El Choco Burrito.

He says that the truck often takes people from out of town because of the variety of their menu, and

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