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Elections Office deems voter fraud case

Elections Office deems voter fraud case

Florida’s new election crimes office flags leftwing ballot-harvesting operation in Orlando

If you’re a voter who has been asked to show their ballot by a mail-in voter fraud voter, a voter who is a repeat voter and has voted twice… that is enough for the Elections Office to investigate that and determine whether any fraud occurred.

If you have received a postcard from another voter who was not on-site when you cast your vote, the Elections Office will investigate that and determine whether or not it is illegal.

The Elections Office also investigates any ballot-harvesting operation that is in a different jurisdiction.

The Elections Office also investigates any voter who is registered on the other side of the state lines.

Of course, that would include people who have voted twice for president — which is what this voter was accused of doing.

But after reporting the case to the Florida Secretary of State, the Elections Office has decided to treat this case as a fraud case.

“The Office decided to move forward with this case based on the fact that the voter presented the postcard bearing his signature and showed it to the election judge,” the Elections Office said in a March 13 news release.

“The voter was then informed that he had voted twice. This voter then stated that he found the postcard and postmarked envelope for the vote in question in his mailbox. He further stated that the postcard did not belong to him but rather that it was mailed by an unknown person who signed his name to the envelope. He stated that the signature on the postcard was his signature, but that he had lost his identification cards.”

“Once the Election officials were able to contact the person who had left the postcard behind, they were able to verify that Mr. Ainsworth was indeed registered to vote in Collier County,” the Elections Office said. “The Office was able to determine that there were not any other votes cast in Collier County on the same day as Mr. Ainsworth’s vote in the primary election. Additionally, the office was able to determine that Mr. Ainsworth was not on-site when he cast his vote and he had not cast a vote in Collier County in the past two years.”

If you suspect someone is trying to cheat you out of your rightful vote, you need to report the case to the elections office

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